The Purpose Of Hedges?

Hedges have always been a common part of every yard I’ve seen in the south. Even cut grass and manicured hedges went hand in hand, and I myself became the master of keeping my mom’s hedges perfectly manicured. There is so much to discover in the world of hedges and the designs can be highly intricate and difficult or plain and simple. It all depends on your taste, style, and financial limitations. It can give signs to the public eye of who is wealthy and who is not.

What is the purpose of hedges?

Hedges are used to create a barrier around an area of land, or to just add some décor to beautify the grounds. It could become a wall to give you more privacy from the neighbors, or a form of protection from strong winds and elements. Some people use them as topiary, creating elaborate designs such as animal shapes, human shapes, and so much more. They are very useful and can add a great deal of panache to your yard.

The types of hedges

There are a variety of hedges that you can choose from that will fit whatever situation you may have.

Evergreens may be the most popular that most people use because they will stay green year round, and can be shaped and sized to your needs. The list of evergreens includes Hollies and Boxwood. The hollies are pretty with the little red ornamental berries but the leaves have pointy edges that scream “Keep your hands off!”  They both are thick and will cover anything you need to hide in your yard.

More hedge plants include Japanese and English yews, Hick yews, and Japanese boxwoods. These hedges may be chosen for more elaborate designs such as arches to enhance your entry way, or sculpted shapes. They can grow up to 20 feet if you keep them for years and allow them to show you their potential. They could become your very own green fence or wall barrier around your entire property if you so choose.

Maintain your hedge

For some odd reason I always liked trimming the hedges. It was like therapy to me. I was able to take all my frustrations out on the hedges with each little snip. You may find it fun too. Invest in a good pair of manual hedge clippers and you could develop your own little arm exercise routine. They will keep you looking as buff as your hedges. The other alternative is buying the electric hedge clippers but you would be dealing with managing the electrical cords. The manual way is much more fun.

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