The Best Plants For A Gorgeous Tropical Garden

I took a little trip to Hawaii for my fifth wedding anniversary and hiked in the rain forest. The lush beautiful flowers and plants were so dynamic and breathtaking, I wished I could be surrounded by them all the time. My budget would not allow me to move to Hawaii, but I could at least create my own little Hawaiian tropics at home. It is amazing how you can bring a bit of the islands to your own home. With a good irrigation system, fertilizers and care, you can have the tropics all to yourself. Here is a list of tropical plants that are great for a tropical garden.

Banana plant

This would do well inside the home if you don’t live in Florida or California. They are not difficult to grow as long as you provide them with good fertile soil with nitrogen and potassium. Keep them away from strong winds and they will reward you with delicious fruit to eat.


This doesn’t seem like a tropical plant but it is. Just a plain old fern can turn your home into a classy dwelling. Keep this plant out of direct sunlight and make sure that the soil is always moist and it will last and last.


These are so unique and delightful in every way. They can make any room look twice as stylish and classic. Orchids need humidity and a specific amount of light. Because of their various needs, each type has their own special instructions on care. They may be a bit high maintenance but well worth the trouble.

Elephant Ears

I saw so many elephant ears in Hawaii I thought I was back home in Georgia. My grandma had these in her front yard all year and would put them inside during cold weather. There large heart shaped leaves will remind you of an elephant and they can grow as tall as 8 feet in the right temperature. They need acidic soil and partial shade.


This plant is just so odd and colorful it was very striking in the rainforest. This ornamental has a long burst of red and yellow flowerlike things dangling down that may resemble lobster claws or birds. It is commonly used as a landscape plant in the tropics. They need lots of sun and water with soil enriched with humus.

Bird of Paradise

This will make a great potted plant for any home. It will do well in warm humid areas, and its bloom resembles the look of a colorful bird with the leaves around it in evergreen.  It thrives on rich soil, sun with partial shade and proper drainage. If you live in a hot climate with no cold weather and plant it outside, it could grow up to 20 feet.

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