Three Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Your Lawn

Every homeowner hopes to achieve a beautiful, green lawn each year. While we can mow, water, fertilize and reseed our yards as much as possible, that won’t be enough to battle some of the harsh behavior we put our lawns through all the time. Take a look at some of the sure-fire ways you can kill your lawn below:

1. Leaving fallen leaves on your lawn.

While it may seem harmless, forgetting to pick up fallen leaves off of your grass can and will kill it. That’s because when leaves start piling up, it actually smothers the grass underneath, taking away the fresh air that your yard needs to live. That’s not all, though. Leaves also act as a harbor for all kinds of bacteria, which causes mold to grow throughout the winter. To avoid this problem altogether, rake up your leaves regularly.

2. Using various chemicals on your lawn.

It’s very common for people to use herbicides on their lawns to kill plants, but that’s not all it’s killing. This is especially true for when it’s windy, since that weather condition can spread the herbicides much further around your lawn than intended. If you have to use these herbicides, try to protect your lawn from the plants you’re attempting to get rid of.  Then, there’s the fertilizer homeowners use. If you end up applying too much fertilizer on your lawn, this could completely burn it out, causing it too stop growing entirely.

3. Not mowing your lawn the way it should be done.

We all know that mowing is an important part of growing a healthy lawn, but when we don’t do it correctly, this could actually kill our yard. That’s because when you mow irregularly, you end up removing too much of the leaf blades at one time. This, in turn, weakens your grass, by destroying the much needed nutrients found in each blade. However, if you cut your grass too short, that will kill your lawn too. When your grass is less than 2 inches long, you’re taking away its ability to produce food, as well as opening your lawn up to sunlight. This causes your soil surface to dry out much quicker, which is horrible for your grass.

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