Dogwood Trees: How To Grow Them for Your Own Festive Garden

dogwood tree

It’s that very special–and very limited–time when the Dogwood Festivals begin to happen. Dogwood trees are beautiful flowering trees that help usher in the warm spring weather with style. They are woody plants from the Cornaecae family. The dogwood tree has about 30 to 60 different subspecies, some of which have flowers. And there’s no … Read more

10 Best Trees For Your Home or Garden

Call us old-fashioned, but we planted some trees this Arbor Day. Now here’s our shopping list. We had to narrow it down because it isn’t Arbor Day Weekend. We wouldn’t have had the time to plant all these. Still, here are our 10 best trees for your home and garden that will beautify your home, … Read more

The Best Trees For Small Yards

Crape Myrtle"

Trees are one of nature’s most majestic and essential creations. They provide shade, shelter and extraordinary beauty. There aren’t as many wonderfully pure things we can enjoy than sitting beneath a leafy tree on a summer day, sipping a cool glass of tea while reading a good book, or watching your child engulfed in laughter … Read more