Overhauling A Rock Garden

Rocks are a powerful feature to any garden. Not only do they require less upkeep than other areas, but also they can really highlight and enhance the look and feel of the area. Just like any other design feature, however, you might get bored after a few seasons of the same old look. It is time to overhaul your rock garden, but you do not know how to go about it. You want to begin by considering some possibilities, and then decide what will look best within the overall context your yard. Here are some rock garden ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Rock Garden Tips

Consider a Japanese Rock Garden

You might think that this sounds way too elaborate, but remember that Zen is the epitome of simplicity. You would begin by gathering stones of all shapes and sizes, rakes through the area to smooth out the dirt, and then set out to create a design that is spiritually appealing to the eye. To get some ideas, look around the Internet to get the design started and then just run with it.

Create a gentle slope

Slopes in the garden add a visually stunning effect that sets your yard apart from others. It does not have to be elaborate, and the slope can be rather gradual. To create this effect, you can use boulders and other sizes and shapes of rocks to develop just the look that you want.

Consider adding a rock wall to your garden

Rock walls actually service a practical purpose as well, as they can hold back the earth from getting places that you do not want. You can also create a freestanding rock wall that becomes the centerpiece of your garden. Simply choose a location that you think it would look good, and then decide what type of rock to use to get the design created. You can use some pavers to create a dry-stack wall, or even go for a rectangular block type of look. The possibilities really are limitless.


Let’s face it: Much of your garden is off limits. You do not want people to walk or play on it. That is understandable, but there are times when you want people to be able to move around freely. Consider using smooth rocks, boulders, and pavers to create a stunning look that people can actually walk over and enjoy the garden.

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