Replant Your Tree: A Simple 7-Step Guide

The very thought of moving a tree from one spot to another is exhausting. However, if this process is done right, it can be quite simple. Check out our steps for replanting a tree below:

Supplies For Tree Replanting

– Hose or watering can
– Shovel
– Large piece of burlap
– Twine

How To Replant a Tree

1. Find the right place to replant your tree. This is important because, like any part of nature, the tree needs the perfect amount of space and sunlight to survive.

2. Use a hose or watering can to dampen the soil around the tree. This should be done roughly three to four days prior to the move.

3. Identify the tree’s roots. In order to make this move successful, they have to remain in place. Mark one side of the tree, so that you’re replanting it in its original position.

4. Dig a trench around the tree base that’s approximately 1.5 to 2 feet deep. Remove the tree, cutting the roots as needed to form a ball. This will round out the bottom so that you’re able to tip the tree on one of its ends.

5. Wrap the root with a large piece of burlap underneath the upended side. Make it tight and secure it around the base of the trunk with some strong twine.

6. Lift and carry the tree by the root ball to the transplanted spot. Begin digging a hole in the tree’s new location that’s about 2 to 3 times the size of the root ball. At this point, the burlap will be noticeably sticking out.

7. Lower the tree gradually into the hole. Position it based on the mark you made earlier. Ideally, the tree should face the sun. Point the trunk and foliage straight up, and use your shovel to fill the hole back up with dirt until it is two-thirds full.

8. Cut the twine and remove any burlap that’s visible. Erect a slight mound around the trunk base. Water the replanted tree thoroughly and you’re all set!

Over the next month or so, keep a close eye on the tree. Be sure to water it every 10 to 14 days.

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