Planting Trees In Winter

If you’re fortunate enough to have an abundance of land, you probably want it to look aesthetically pleasing year round, while flourishing in the spring and summer months. The obvious answer is the evergreen. Like it’s name suggests, an evergreen shrub or tree is, well…evergreen which combats that feeling of desolation the descends every winter when we must clear out our gardens and our once fecund trees are now thin and bare. But, it doesn’t have to be the only answer. Here is a list of your best options:

Planting Trees In Winter

Evergreens: We’ll just start with this because it’s the most obvious. If you’re partial to the evergreen, have a plan that includes a design with different kinds of trees and shrubs. Firs and cedars, commonly used as Christmas trees are one solution, especially if you’re into lighting displays around the holidays. They are festive and classic. But if you’d like to try something a little different, try a cedar. These look gorgeous when it snows, as the snow tends to rest on the thicker shelf-like branches.

Deciduous Trees: Some trees can still retain their sophisticated elegance, even after their leaves have fallen. Let’s consider the Three B’s:

  • Bark 
  • Branches
  • Berries

There are many trees with beautifully textured and colored bark. These include: birch, cherry and eucalyptus trees. For branch architecture, look for trees that have clustered branches. Look especially for: orange osage and Japanese maple. Finally, don’t discount the possibility of fruit. The holly and Hawthorn grow beautiful, festive looking berries that last throughout the winter.

Palm Trees: If you live in a warmer climate, adding palm trees to your landscape is a great idea as these trees are perfect for adding a tropical touch to your garden. However, in order to keep your palm trees looking beautiful, you need to know exactly what they need.  There is not a blanket answer because not all palm trees are the same and knowing what is needed depends on the type of palm tree you decide to grow.

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