Perfect Little Evergreen Plants And Shrubs

The main concern every spring seems to be getting the garden in the ground and planting those gorgeous annuals that will provide a colorful landscape throughout the spring and summer. However, concentrating solely on these colorful additions to your yard and garden only provide for two seasons of the year and can leave your flower beds and landscaping looking bare and drab during the fall and winter months.

Adding evergreen plants and shrubs to your landscaping will ensure that there is something interesting happening in your beds and yard all year long while also providing much needed color during the winter time

Best Evergreen Plants


This slow growing evergreen plant is a great plant for borders or rock gardens. They also can thrive in the shade, so they can be used in obscure, shady spots in your garden where little else can grow well. They bloom in late winter and early spring with tightly bunched groupings of flowers that range in colors from greenish yellow to white to pink. Daphne comes in both plain leaves and variegated versions with a creamy yellow band running along the edge of the leaves.

Box Plants

Box plants are one of the most popular evergreen plants used to supplement home flower beds or hedges. They can be shaped through trimming to resemble a box hedge (hence the name) or be trained into traditional topiary shapes. They have tiny leaves that are bright to dark green. Box is another evergreen that does well in shade which adds to its attractiveness as a hedge around a home since it does well in all areas. When in full sun, the plant will need adequate water to prevent the leaves from scorching. Good drainage is important, so make sure you plant them in areas where the water is sufficient, but drains well.


The beauty and smell of lavender make it an attractive choice for gardens everywhere. Lavender is such a versatile plant that many feel it is a must for every garden. Good for container planting or adding to borders or flower beds, the silvery green plant blooms with purple, lilac or pink blooms that have a very sweet smell. Lavender can also flourish in drought conditions which make it a great evergreen for dry zones. Another plus is it is a favorite plant of both butterflies and bees.


Euonymus is a great evergreen plant for ground cover. The leaves are bright, glossy green and trimmed in a white or creamy yellow color. They are hardy plants that can be used for ground cover or trained to climb. This plant is famous for enduring poor growing conditions which make them ideal for climbing north facing walls, growing in coastal regions and in the shade. Euonymus is also very low maintenance which makes them an attractive choice for someone who wants a maintained look without a lot of effort.

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