Making A Mosaic Garden

Growing up in a small town that rests about 50 miles north of Philadelphia, it was common to get in the car with family or friends to enjoy an event or attraction in the city. From its many museums and parks to professional sports, shopping and just plain old sight-seeing in the historic downtown district. One such road-trip with friends led us to the infamous South Street, 鈥榯he place where freaks meet鈥. That is where I saw for the first time, the amazing possibilities and what can be done with some broken glass, ceramics and some plaster. While walking down South Street, you could pass a yard that appeared to be filled with trash, with a first look. A closer inspection revealed that this yard was a collection of people鈥檚 recyclables, waiting to become a mosaic. But what is a mosaic?

Materials for a Mosaic Garden?

The making of a mosaic involves taking pieces of colored glass, ceramic, or stone and pressing them into a soft plaster-like substance to create a pattern or design. Once the plaster dries, it becomes hardened and permanent. Some of these mosaic displays are of immense proportions, and others are smaller areas of artistic design. The size of your mosaic endeavor is entirely up to you. Getting started is easy.

Using Recyclables To Make a Mosaic Garden

It wasn鈥檛 long before this man鈥檚 innovation caught on and could be seen bestowing the sidewalks and entrance ways of various stores, homes, and even schools throughout the Philadelphia area. To embark upon your own mosaic garden, involves some pretty simple preparations. Simply begin saving all of your, and maybe even some other people鈥檚 recyclables. You might even take some joy in getting out some frustrations when it comes time to carefully break all of your glass and ceramics into smaller sized pieces to work with. Choose a substance that will work well for the project that you have in mind, and you are ready to get started.

Have Fun!

Once you鈥檝e selected an area to transform into your own mosaic garden, all you have to do is get started. Keep in mind there really is no right or wrong pattern or design, just have fun with it.

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