Adorable Mailbox Landscaping Ideas!

Have you ever driven by a house that was so cute the mailbox even looked amazing? That shows how creative and stylish the owner of the house is. You just know that every room is colorful with matching décor. I even gave it a try when I moved into my home. I had some old plastic sunflowers left over from a project and instead of getting rid of them, I decided to wrap them around my mailbox pole to make it look cute. That’s why we rounded up a few mailbox ideas that will up your garden’s style.

Give it some pizzazz!

Your mailbox is the first thing most people will spot when they are driving along, so why not give them something to look at? Don’t let your mailbox hang there looking depressed and packed with bills. Give it a new paint job and some popping numbers on the side. Plant a nice little flower garden around it with your favorite flowers and keep it looking neat. Lavender, black-eyed susans, sunflowers, or yarrow would make a welcoming sight for the mailman. Use flowers that require very little maintenance so you won’t have added work to do.

Be Unique!

How about adding a bit of foliage around your mailbox such as elephant ears, cactus, mint, or ornamental grass? It would make a statement and cause your mailbox to stand out. Add a few rocks to create a rock garden, or make a pathway to your door from the mailbox. A raised flower bed with pebbles or brick around your mailbox would be delightful. It would add a bit of curb appeal to the neighborhood. Plant some climbing vines that will produce some lovely flowers or foliage such as ivy, grapes, honeysuckle, morning glory, or tomatoes. It would give the mailman a little snack at least.

Be constructive!

Some people have recreated their mailboxes to not look like a simple mailbox. They may look like a miniature house or bird house. With a little construction, you could build a little cottage on a stick for yourself. How about a house shaped mailbox with some little window flower boxes on the sides? Wouldn’t that be eye catching? A water fountain that runs on solar power would be a nice feature or even solar powered lighting.

If you want to stick to something simple, you could just put a few potted plants around your mailbox and change them out with new ones periodically. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but just put forth a bit of effort to make your surroundings appear welcoming and inviting, and that will make all the difference. A good paint job is always good, but a few plants will take things to the next level. Just have fun with it.