Landscape Lighting – LED vs Incandescent Which One is Best?

Enjoying the view of your lovely garden during the day is pretty great, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to bask in it at night as well? Having nice lighting on your property is great for entertaining as well as being a plus for security. There is much to consider when choosing the type of lighting for outdoor purposes. What type of lights work well in the outdoors? Landscape lighting-LED vs incandescent, which one is best? Would adding lighting outside blow up the electric bill? How often will the bulbs need to be replaced? These are all valid questions that need to be seriously investigated so you will make the correct choice that fits your needs.

LED: light-emitting diode

This type of light source emitted low intensity infrared light in its earlier days, and was used in digital clocks and indicator lamps. Today they have advanced to being used in outdoor lighting such as automotive headlamps, traffic signals, and advertising displays. LED lights have a very high brightness that seems to illuminate much better than most light bulbs. There are other great things about LED lights that may be the answer to your lighting dilemma. They have a longer life span than an incandescent bulb and they use less energy. Those facts just might be worth the high price you will pay to purchase these compact morsels, but take the time to investigate for other alternatives if keeping a budget is a factor.

Incandescent light source

A good old fashion light bulb like your mother grew up using is the more familiar light source that we all are more acquainted with. Not only does it give off light but it also gives off heat, which was highly utilized in our Easy Bake Ovens.  These bulbs come in a variety of sizes, voltage, and light outputs. With that in mind, they can be used in porch lights, flashlights, and advertising signs. They are less efficient and are gradually becoming obsolete in today’s lighting market. Because of their low cost, they are still high in demand to consumers who cannot yet afford the extra cost of the more efficient lighting choices.

These are only two examples of light sources that can be used outdoors. Keep in mind that there are other choices that can save you money and be just as flattering to your landscape. I personally like the solar powered lighting that is very efficient and come in pretty cute designs. Whatever you choose for your garden let it be something that you can be happy with and it will not cause you more stress down the road. When you are enjoying your garden and the new lighting, peace and tranquility should be the main feelings that are evoked, not worrying about the electric bill and high maintenance.

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