How to Shape Your Hedges

Hedges are such a vital part of any yard. That’s because they do everything from creating natural fences to bringing a certain kind of classic appeal to your landscape. However, as any gardener knows, hedges don’t typically grow in perfectly, so you’ll need to groom and prune it regularly. By fixing up your hedges often, you’ll be helping to keep your plants healthy and strong. Read below to learn exactly how to properly shape your hedges:

1. Shape lightly

When you first begin growing your hedges, you should only perform the most basic maintenance on it. In general, you’ll want to use a large pair of pruning shears to cut down any hedges that are about 6 inches in height. For the tops of the hedges, you don’t have to worry about making sure that they’re aligned correctly. Instead, just make sure that they have been trimmed well.

2. Measure the height of your hedges

Whether you use measuring tape or a yardstick, find out the distance from the base of the hedges to their highest point. This way you know exactly how tall your hedges should be for the start of the next growing season.

3. Shape your hedges

Once the spring rolls around, after the first year of your hedges’ growth, you’ll have to step up the shaping process. Take a look at your hedge’s new height and then trim them down to half of what their current size is. While you want your hedges to look even, you don’t have to only focus on symmetry. There is no wrong or right way to shape your hedges, so trim and prune them until you feel they look exactly how you want them to. It’s important that this step is completed before the hedges begin blossoming again.

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