Honeysuckle Vines: Three Ways to Prune

Honeysuckle vines are known for their wide growth spans, so pruning is necessary to control the size and shape of these shrubs. Without the correct treatment from us, the vines will become unmanageable, ultimately leading to unhealthy, leafless, brittle and even dead stems. By simply pruning every year, you are preventing the spread of diseases while keeping the plant strong and healthy. There are three different sorts of pruning that you can practice, each bringing along its own benefits to the shrub. Check out each one below:

1. Maintenance pruning

This kind of pruning is meant to promote new growth and get rid of the old, damaged and decayed parts of the vine. To begin, use a pair of sharp pruning shears and cut away any dead parts you find on the vine, all the way down to the living tissue. We recommend that you wait until the spring to do this, since that’s when the new growth typically starts appearing.

2. Rejuvenation pruning

This type of pruning is generally used on shrubs that are overgrown or ones that haven’t been properly cared for over the years. However, unlike maintenance pruning, rejuvenation pruning takes place in the late winter. That’s because it induces a period of fast and dynamic growth, which starts in the spring. Here, we cut away parts of the vine that are lacking the most foliage, so take a pair of pruning shears and cut the stems of the vine that are approximately 2 feet above the surface of the soil.

3. Pruning to encourage blossoms

After the honeysuckle blooms in the spring and the blossoms have long died, you will need to take part in some light pruning. This will allow for new growth, which results in a more productive blooming period in the following year’s growing season. To do this, grab some pruning shears and cut off the tips of the stems. It’s as easy as that.

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