How to Grow and Maintain Bamboo

Having bamboo as a part of your garden adds beauty and a bit of exotic flair to your yard space. There are so many amazing benefits to adding bamboo to your garden that’s it is hard to name them all! First of all, bamboo is extremely eco-friendly and sustainable. This is because it has the ability to repopulate itself after being cut. Bamboo also grows new shoots every spring, so a bamboo gardener can expect new, more dense and populous shoots each year! Bamboo can either be planted in the ground or in a pot, making it a very versatile and hardy plant.

Planting your new bamboo shoots 

When planting your bamboo, making sure you place garden compost or manure around your new plant. Bamboo does well in partial shade since it is a forest plant so keep that in mind when placing your plant in your yard. If you will be growing your bamboo in a pot, remember that every 3-5 years your bamboo should be repotted. Container bamboo should be watered at least 3-5 times during the summer months and bamboo that is not in a container needs to be watered at least 1-3 times per week. Some hardy forms of bamboo that have been in place in the ground for a few years only need water a few times a month! With that being said, Bamboo Garden tells us that you should water your bamboo plants frequently until they reach full growth, at least. However, what bamboo will not tolerate is poorly drained fertilizer. Gardening By Step reminds us to include gravel or grit in your soil to allow for opening of the soil and drainage.

Pruning your bamboo shoots

Keep in mind that you will need to prune your bamboo plants from time to time as they do grow rather quickly and because it grows new shoots each spring. You should take care to trim the old, dead shoots as you see them. Many times, bamboo plants are pruned to create beautiful yard fixture in different shades and forms. One way to do this is to trim all of the branches that are lower to the ground, which makes for the plant’s culms’ beauty to be fully appreciated!

All in all, bamboo is a great plant to have and is extremely easy to grow and maintain. The biggest thing to remember is to water frequently when growing and to avoid putting it in direct sunlight or intense heat.


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