How To Use Garden Lighting

Adding illumination to your backyard garden is a great way to make the space functional day or night, as well as add a touch of romantic ambiance after the sun goes down. Light up your backyard garden and create a beautiful landscape that can be enjoyed anytime using the smart outdoor lighting tips below.

Determine the lighting requirements

Before running out and buying expensive outdoor lighting, figure out first exactly why you want your backyard garden illuminated. For example, you might wish to highlight a pond or fountain. Maybe there’s a particularly dark pathway that needs lighting to brighten the way. Perhaps you simply want to add a soft, romantic touch to the entire area. In addition to beautifying the garden area, nighttime lighting can also increase security in the immediate area.

Determine the lighting locations

Now that you’ve decided the need for lighting in your backyard garden, it’s time to figure out exactly where it will go. For instance, you might have a lovely bench on the side of a path that deserves it’s own spotlight. You could place a pole lamp behind it. Or, soft mood lighting is made possible by hiding landscape lights under shrubs and bushes. Illuminate a stone pathway on one or both sides with short stake lights, or showcase a water fountain by adding a spotlight.

Consider Types of Outdoor Lighting and Cost

The type of outdoor lighting you use will depend on how much effort you’re willing to expend and how much money your willing to spend. It can be quite costly illuminating your backyard garden, so keep the following in mind when shopping.

120-volt Lighting

This type of outdoor lighting costs the most and requires the most effort to install. Wiring must be placed underground at a depth of 18 inches, or it must be covered in conduit to make it waterproof. You’ll likely need to hire a professional electrician to handle the electrical side of installation.

Low-voltage Lighting

This type of landscape lighting is middle of the road in terms of effort and cost. For this outdoor lighting, you only need an outdoor outlet and a transformer. The transformer converts the 120-volt current coming from your house to the 12-volt current these outdoor lights require.

Solar Lighting

On the low end of effort and cost is solar lighting. Solar lighting has no wires to hide and only requires the sun’s rays to recharge. The only downfall of backyard solar lighting is that if it is not placed where the sun can reach it during the day (for example: under a bush for soft lighting), it will not shine at night.

When it’s all said and done, strategically-placed backyard garden lighting transforms your ordinary daytime garden into a mystical, magical place once the sun goes down. Use the tips above to create your own romantic get-away right in your own backyard.

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