How to Increase Your Garden’s Curb Appeal

It doesn’t matter if you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden, you can turn it into an eye catching atmosphere. Surrounding myself with tantalizing smells and objects always calms my nerves and takes me to a place of peace. The smell of fresh vegetables growing and the aromatic flowers will add charm and ambiance to any home, but to go that extra mile to create something unique and dramatic will make your garden standout in the crowd. Not to mention being the talk of the neighborhood, everyone will be whispering about your garden and how beautiful it is. Here are some tips on how to up your garden’s curb appeal.

Add some splash

The placement of things makes such a big difference. Try adding a water fountain or a birdbath in a special place in your garden. Water features tend to bring things all together for a charming effect. This is something that you can do yourself and it would be very low maintenance.

Stepping Stones

This is something that is always enjoyable to see, and they can be very inexpensive. Stepping stones come in all shapes and sizes and you can make them yourself and create your own designs if you choose to do so. I found some cute ones at the dollar store with butterfly and flower designs. Just lay them out around your garden creating a path to explore. When you get tired of them you can always change them out for other designs. Children love them too.

Solar Lights

Companies have created some of the most charming solar lights that will make your garden come to life. From little bears that light up to fluttering butterflies, you will find something for everyone’s unique taste. Fingerhut carries a line of solar garden features that are very unique.

Fence it in

Investing in a tasteful attractive fence will do more than protect your garden from animals and unwanted guests, but it can also freshen up your garden and add value to your property. Wooden fences are so rustic and charming, but iron fences have their own special charm as well. Do something that fits into your budget.

Rock it

Stones and big rocks in their own special place can look very fitting and rustic in a garden. With their multiple colors and textures, they can surely enrich the area greatly. From stone benches to stone walls there is just so much you can do with rocks. Save the rocks that you dig up around your yard and do something special with them.


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