Fun Rock Garden Ideas

There are many reasons to create a rock garden in your yard. Not only are they in season all year round, but they are completely low maintenance. They also add interest and fun to any landscape. Rock gardens are popular as a modern alternative to a boring lawn, as an accent to traditional garden foliage, or as the perfect coverage to a space where grass is absent. Perhaps you have an area of your yard that is awkward, contains limitations or has difficulty sustaining growth, or you wish to use a rock garden as a border to an existing garden area.

Make a rock garden plan

Before embarking on your rock garden, plan what you want to accomplish and envision how you want it to look. Think about whether you want your rock garden to take up a large portion of your space, where you will want to consider larger rocks or want it to stay confined to a smaller space such as a flower bed, where you want to use more delicate stones. Whatever you want, it’s a good idea to sketch out your rock garden first, and make decisions on any plants you will use, and any other garden accents such as bird baths or sculptures.

Also decide on whether you want your rock garden to be uniform in color and size, or would like to vary the size and color of your garden rocks to add interesting texture and design. For complex and elaborate rock gardens, do some research, browse photographs for different ideas, and make a solid plan. But for more simple projects that can be completed in a day, the following are some very unique ideas for simple rock gardens you can create with little fuss and are a great way to add fun and interest to any yard. Let’s rock!

Garden For Your Feet

This adorable idea is a favorite if you have children. They will love being involved in this project from start to finish. You will need oval-shaped rocks for the feet, preferably ones that taper a bit on one end to resemble the heel and then smaller stones of decreasing size for the toes. Place the feet at all angles. You can either create this garden as an independent one in a small bed or add as an accent to an existing flower garden. Either way, it will be sure to spark many comments!

Family Rock Gardens

You’ll need one large, polished flat stone, centered around several other smaller flat, light-colored stones. With water-proof paint or marker, write “Our Family Rocks” on the center rock, and then write each family member’s name on each of the smaller rocks. This will fast become a treasured keepsake.

Stone Art

This is an amazing way to accent the empty soil space around trees. With stones of varying sizes, and with a little sand-stoning to shape, you can create stone flowers, dragonflies, and any other creature or design your imagination beholds. A truly striking visual masterpiece!

Photo by Johnson Wang

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