Four Tips to Growing Grass in the Shade

One of the most basic lessons we are taught in gardening is that plants, grass, and any other part of nature needs direct exposure to the sun to survive. While that’s true, what about grass that grows in full shade? If this is an issue you’re currently having, check out our tips below for different solutions to the problem of growing grass in the shade:

Supplies for Growing Grass in the Shade:

  1. Grass Seed
  2. Aerator
  3. Hose

Tip 1: Get rid of any weeds in your lawn. 

They are suited to grow in the shade, whereas your grass isn’t. If you don’t remove the weeds growing nearby, they will continue to suck all the much needed nutrients from the grass, killing it in the process.

Tip 2: Aerate your lawn

Every fall, grab your aerator to circulate air throughout your grass. This helps stop your grass from drying out.

Tip 3: Overseed your lawn. 

As soon as you aerate your yard, overseed your grass. This keeps the lawn from growing unhealthy and thin.

Tip 4: Water the grass regularly.

Grab your hose and thoroughly water your grass as needed. Plain and simple, grass can’t live without his important element.

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