Four Best Tools For Pruning

The word pruning alone can make a person cringe, but did you know it’s actually super beneficial for your garden? That’s because it leaves your garden healthy, all while stimulating some much needed growth, which is exactly why you can’t settle for anything but the best when choosing tools for this practice. No worries, though. Here at Gracious Gardening, we’ve compiled a list of the four must have tools when it comes to pruning. Check it out below:

1. Hand Pruners

If you are looking for a lightweight tool that can easily maneuver around your garden, then hand pruners are for you. Typically, they are used for thinning out unsightly and unwanted branches, making snips that on point, and reaching heights that other tools can’t get anywhere close to. The two main types are bypass and anvil. With the anvil pruner, you’re employing more of a splitting action, while the bypass pruner uses a scissoring mechanism instead.

2. Loppers

For those times you need to get a hold of branches that are high up in unreachable territory, you should invest in a lopper. Loppers are very similar to hand pruners, except they feature longer handles. Now, you will be able to prune larger and thicker branches than ever before.

3. Shears

Since hand pruners and loppers are ideal for harder, older plant life, you will want to turn to shears for any new growth found inside your garden. This is thanks to the fact that they are the most delicate pruning tool out on the market today. Besides this, shears are your go to tool when it comes to branches that are 1/4 inch or less in diameter. Of course, this includes privets and hollies, as well as evergreens like the boxwood and yew.

4. Saws

When you are dealing with branches or any kind of wood that is too thick and long, a saw is your only option. However, because they require much more strength and control, you’ll have to use a lot more caution than you would with the other three pruning tools. That is why we suggest you wear both work gloves and safety goggles whenever you decide to prune with a saw.

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