4 Fall and Winter Lawn Care Tips

The colder months are quickly approaching so it is vital to start preparing your lawn for this change in the weather. By closely following the fall and winter lawn care tips below, your garden will stay protected from all the dangers that come with the chilly seasons and will be well prepared for the spring.

Remove those fallen leaves

Once the fall hits, start out by removing any fallen leaves that land on the lawn. While this sounds harmless, those leaves actually end up blocking sunlight from reaching the grass blades. Like any living thing, grass needs that sunlight to thrive, so this is an essential lawn care tip.

Keep your lawn manicured

Also, make sure the grass is cut on a consistent basis. When it gets too high, problems may occur like snow mold accumulating in the early spring.  This will even make the grass take longer to green, which is a serious issue for those who care about the appearance of their lawn. It is okay to mow grass when it’s cold, but don’t cut it when it’s wet.  This will remove the moisture from the grass blades, leaving the lawn brittle.

Fertilize and aerate your lawn

The fall is an excellent moment to aerate your lawn. If the area is not too big, walking around with spiked shoes will do the trick or you can rent an aeretor from your garden center. It will make it easier for water and nutrients to sip into the ground during the winter, and will provide a good start for the grass to grow in the spring. Also apply fertilizer just before the winter starts.

Give your mower some TLC

As far as the winter goes, it’s crucial to take a look at your mower. There are some winter storage steps you need to take in order to keep the machine in top shape, even when it’s not being used often. First off, remove the spark plug. Then, drain the oil and gas. When that’s done, clean off any grass clippings found in the mower. We advise that the blade be sharpened now, instead of later on so that the spring rush is avoided. The last thing we want is for our mower to break down during the winter months because the proper care wasn’t taken.

Store your outdoor furniture

Patio and lawn furniture need to be stored away in a safe place over the winter. The weather is unpredictable and that means storms might occur. This can leave to precious lawn items breaking. Don’t waste money on buying new equipment because of carelessness. Not only for that reason, but items like picnic tables and grills should be put away because they may leave dead spots in the grass.

When the fall and winter months roll around, it’s easy to be lazy and let nature take its course. However, this may lead to a destroyed lawn. With the appropriate care, lawns can stay thriving all year round.