Five Steps to Creating an English Garden

Creating an English garden in your backyard is one of the best things you can do. However, people often stray away from this idea because they think it’s going to be a difficult task to pull off. It’s not, though, as long as you follow the simple steps outlined below.

Step One. Select the Flowers

When it comes to English gardens, they’re mostly comprised of flowers at the boundary side, as well as trees. Often times, many people shy away from putting together an English garden because they think they need a ton of room to create one of these, but that’s not the case. In fact, English gardens don’t even require a wide assortment of flowers. All you really need is some roses and other sorts of English flowers.

Step Two. Select the Trees

Plain and simple, you’ll need trees. That’s because trees are an essential part of any English garden. If you’re lacking trees in your backyard, take it upon yourself to grow some of these. Trees like oak and pine are actually very easy to grow in your garden.

Step Three. Control Pests

One of the main problems that those with an English garden come across is pests. Often, the plants in a garden become covered in disease and damage at the hand of termites and other critters. That’s why you need to make sure that you properly protect your garden from pests, whether that means putting in the proper fencing or laying down the correct pesticide.

Step Four. Landscaping

The landscape is a big component of an English garden. If there are any spots with just dirt, make sure to plant grass over it. This is where you can be creative. Bring a modern twist to your backyard that will really accentuate what you’re growing.

Step Five. Check the Soil and Lighting Conditions

Last but not least, you need to properly take care of your English garden the way you would a traditional garden. Check that the roots of your plants are buried in just the right amount of soil. Besides this, you also need to plant your garden in a spot where the plants and trees will get enough sunlight. Make sure to provide plenty of water and organic fertilizer as well. Once you do that, you’ll end up with the garden you always dreamed of.

Watch the video for great plant ideas for your English garden.