Easy Tree Stump Removal

There could be numerous reasons why you might need to remove a tree stump from your property. Whether the tree fell down as a result of a bad storm or you decided to cut it down to eliminate the chance of it falling on your house, to increase the amount of sunlight on your property, or to make way for another project you’ve planned for your property. Depending on the type of property improvement or addition you intend to embark upon, it could require the complete extraction of the leftover tree stump and root system. The variety of tree will determine the depth and extent of the roots you will need to remove.

Tree Stump Removal Methods

There are various methods to consider when it comes to tree stump removal. After gauging first, the difficulty of the tree stump and what your own specific needs dictate, you will be able to better reach a decision as to what method best suits you and your needs. Some of the choices you have to choose from are:

Pushing or pulling

This approach requires the use of heavy-duty equipment, chains, skids, and usually a tractor. Unless you have these things on hand, you would need to contact a professional service for assistance.


Another consideration that mainly uses heavy utensils to reach desired results. And again, unless you have a jack-hammer and commercial grinder, you will need to retain professional services to do the job.

Digging and cutting

Although it can potentially be an extremely taxing task, this is the first reasonable DIY approach. Time-consuming, hard hours of digging around the stump and slowly cutting away at it leaves little in the way of providing an approximate time of completion.


Probably the least laborious DIY idea to go with, but just like anything that involves burning, it demands absolute attention. This could take weeks to accomplish correctly, using coal to do slow controlled burns.


Some professional approaches using this method may incorporate the use of potentially harsh chemicals. An easy DIY at home method suggests the use of Epson salt. This may also have a slower rate of completion, but the salt will eventually rot out the tree stump.

At the end of the day, if none of these methods appeal to you, you can always think about creatively incorporating your tree stump into your yard’s décor.

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