Dogwood Trees: How To Grow Them for Your Own Festive Garden

dogwood tree

It’s that very special–and very limited–time when the Dogwood Festivals begin to happen. Dogwood trees are beautiful flowering trees that help usher in the warm spring weather with style. They are woody plants from the Cornaecae family. The dogwood tree has about 30 to 60 different subspecies, some of which have flowers. And there’s no … Read more

Japanese Gardens in Your Own Backyard

rock garden

People all over the world are quickly adopting traditional Japanese garden designs for their backyard. It’s no wonder that this is becoming the new trend, because Japanese gardens draw heavily on Buddhist, Shinto and Taoist philosophies, proving a spiritual haven for visitors. The elements of Japanese gardens imitate natural elements while bringing about a peaceful … Read more

How to Transplant Evergreens

Evergreens are a beautiful addition to any landscaping design. They’re hardy and enduring plants–but they sometimes outgrow their location. And this is usually the time of year that we discover just how overgrown an evergreen has grown. We’ve watched them carefully through winter without ever once thinking, “Hey, will I have to transplant that tree … Read more

Fun Rock Garden Ideas

rock garden

There are many reasons to create a rock garden in your yard. Not only are they in season all year round, but they are completely low maintenance. They also add interest and fun to any landscape. Rock gardens are popular as a modern alternative to a boring lawn, as an accent to traditional garden foliage, … Read more