Best Trees For A Beautiful Winter Landscape

Winter time is often the dullest time of the year for your lawn and garden. Spring, summer and fall are full of beautiful colors ranging from the bright shades of spring and summer to the muted reds, yellows and oranges of fall. However, your yard can still be a beautiful frame for your home even in the harsher winter months. Planning ahead and planting the right trees will help your landscaping maintain an interesting quality all year long. In winter, the shape and form of your trees will become the focus of your landscape. Plan accordingly and your yard will be beautiful all year long. Here are some of the best trees that are sure to dazzle.

Best Trees For Winter Landscaping

There are several trees that are beautiful, even in winter, due to their unusual structure or the trunk or bark features. These dazzling trees can be used to plan ahead for the winter landscape.


Of course, evergreens are a must in any yard. They are really the backbone of your landscaping all year long. Some good choices to consider when selecting evergreen trees for your landscaping needs are: silver Korean fir, blue spruce and dwarf spruces as well as any sort of pine tree. Choose trees that complement your overall look knowing these trees will be green year round.

Paperbark Maple

Flickr photo via FicARus

The paperbark maple has a peeling bark that makes it an interesting choice in any landscape. Its rich brownish red color will be a focal point in the colder months especially when there is snow on the ground.

Japanese maple

With its intricately formed branches, the Japanese maple gives a sharp contrast to tall, straight tree trunks that may be in your yard. Growing to 15 or 20 feet, this tree grows well in almost any soil type and is easy to grow.

Tibetan cherry

Tibetan cherry trees have a silk like red bark that is a very interesting pattern for winter viewing. The stark contrast of red against the dull landscape of winter is very striking and beautiful.

Stewartia pseudocamellia

This peeling bark tree is also a gorgeous addition to your winter landscape. As the bark peels off the new bark creates a bright contrast in snowy landscapes. Stewartia pseudocamellia also has smooth lines that have an interesting shape.

Striped maple

Flickr photo via placeuvm

Also known as tiger maple, striped maple has great vertical white lines on its bark that will provide a striking contrast to other trees in your yard. This is an ornamental tree that requires frequent pruning; however the year round beauty of this tree makes it a must have for your landscape.

Lacebark elm

For that big shade tree, lacebark elm provides great shade in the summer while having an interesting bark that will still be beautiful in the winter. The exfoliating nature of the peeling bark and the interesting colors keep this tree interesting all year long.

The best tips to make your own trees dazzling is to choose interesting textures and growth patterns that suit your style and show up all year long.

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