The Best Trees For Small Yards

Trees are one of nature’s most majestic and essential creations. They provide shade, shelter and extraordinary beauty. There aren’t as many wonderfully pure things we can enjoy than sitting beneath a leafy tree on a summer day, sipping a cool glass of tea while reading a good book, or watching your child engulfed in laughter as she swings on a tire attached to a sturdy branch, or discovering a nest with hungry baby birds waiting for their mother to return with a meal. A yard with lush, gorgeous trees is a beautiful sight to behold. But if you think your yard is much too small to accommodate trees, think again. There are several varieties of trees you can plant in a yard with very little space, and won’t crowd it or take it completely over. The following are trees that don’t exceed 25 feet.

Japanese Maple

There are few other trees more stunning or elegant than this fiery tree, most commonly crimson in color. Although it does come in much larger sizes, it does have smaller sizes well-suited for small yards, typically only growing about 10 to 15 feet tall, as well as the much smaller shrubby silhouettes.

Weeping Birch

Perfect for small spaces as its branches “weep” downward toward the ground, so it grows short and wide. In autumn months, its leaves turn a vibrant yellow.

Crape Myrtle

With its large clusters of fluffy flowers, in an array of lovely shades of pinks, lavenders, reds, white, yellows and oranges, this beauty can grow up to 25 feet tall, but comes in varieties that stay right around six feet tall.

Pagoda Dogwood

This white and golden flowering tree produces bunches of bluish-purple berries during the summer that will keep your yard filled with happy birds. Growing up to 20 feet tall, they show off vibrant color in autumn and do well in shade.


You can either grow this unique-looking tree as a large shrub, or can prune it to grow as a small tree. It has delightful fluffy red, pink or white blooms which emit a wonderful scent. It seems to thrive in heat and drought, so it’s perfect for hot, dry climates.


With its textured leaves and fluffy pink flowers in the summer months, this fast-growing tree tops at 20 feet and is a hummingbird magnet. It also tolerates dry climates and heat.

I think that I shall never see….a poem as lovely as a tree.

Joyce Kilmer

These are very wise words indeed, as a tree is one of nature’s most amazing assets. So even if your yard isn’t very big, you can still enjoy the perfection of a tree by planting one of these smaller varieties.

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