The Best Fruit Trees

Along with our garden, we always kept a plethora of fruit trees around that produced delicious fruit for pies, preserves, custards, and other delectable desserts. Some of these trees could be used to make skin creams and other home remedies as well. My grandmother had the ability to heal you from all the things she planted on her property, so nothing went to waist. Having your favorite fruit on hand will save you tons of money and sustain you for years if you take care of them. So, what are the best fruit trees to plant? Well, that depends on what you like and what you use in your daily life.

Fig Tree

This is one of the easiest trees to grow and it will produce hardy fruit. Protect it from the winter cold and it will last for years. This tree can grow in containers as well as the ground, so it is one of those versatile plants that will go with the flow.

Cherry Tree

Not only will this gorgeous tree beautify your yard when it blooms, but it will produce some juicy sweet fruit. I have fond memories of dashing to the cherry tree during the summer for a quick snack, and fighting off the birds and squirrels for the fruit. The tree will take 3 to 4 years to produce fruit, but it is well worth the wait.

Peach Tree

If you like peaches, you really should try growing a peach tree. Start with a small tree that has good roots and nitrogen rich fertilizers. They need a bit of cold so plant them in early winter so they can bask in the temperature that they need to thrive. They have pretty blooms, too.

Apple Tree

This is the most popular fruit tree to plant and clearly one that everyone thinks of first. It loves the sun and if you have space, you will need to plant more than one for cross pollination. A bit more work is required such as pruning and thinning, but you will be well rewarded. I can see an orchard in your future.

Pear Tree

This was a staple in our family and used for preserves and canning. This tree can produce a massive amount of fruit, so prepare yourself.  We always had to use poles to prop up the limbs because the fruit would get so heavy for the tree. It will need sunlight and well drained soil, and plant it in a spot with room to grow.

Plum Tree

This tree was my favorite because I love plums, but it can also help the digestive system and a good source of vitamin C. They will bloom in early spring if provided with ample sunlight. Give them space to grow and depending on the variety that you plant, you may need to plant more than one for cross pollination.

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