Planning Your Backyard Escape

It鈥檚 not too early to start thinking about how you鈥檒l transform your backyard come springtime. It might be hard to imagine a warm, charming escape space if you backyard is blanketed with snow, but we promise鈥攊t will melt. Actually, now is a great time to start making bigger purchases. It will give you an opportunity to spread it out, so you don鈥檛 find yourself with empty wallets come May. Better Home & Gardens is the go-to place for outdoor design. Here are our favorite tips to consider before planning a summer of R&R.

Break up your up your space.

Designate areas for dining, playing and relaxing. What better way to be covered outdoors than by nature herself? Vines are classic and might be the piece that brings your entire space together. Instead of doing a covered pergola, cover it with clematis or other flowering vines.

Use wicker on the patio.

If you鈥檙e in the market for new outdoor furniture, wicker is a classic choice. Brighten white will soften and brighten your space while brown creates a neutral look to blend with your landscape. Use potted plants, beds and trellis vines to fill blank spaces against your house. Mix it up and don鈥檛 hold back.

Create shade

Umbrellas are not just for the center of the table. Use a pattered umbrella beside your lounging area as well. We love Pottery Barn for their classic, yet modern collection.

Use garden stools

They鈥檙e colorful, chic and easy to move around. Three in a row are a great alternative to a coffee table and will serve as extra seating for your party. In the cold weather, these can work indoors as accent pieces, too.

Splurge on amenities

Add amenities like outdoor lighting, fire-pits, and fountains. These goodies are going to be the difference between your backyard and your place of respite. A fountain or fireplace can serve as a focal point that defines the space, around which you and guests gather for a glass of wine. Lighting and/or fire also make the space that much more useful.

Add a hammock

This might be close to your backdoor if you plan to use it every day or as a piece of d茅cor. Or, it can in a corner far away from people and reality. If you aren鈥檛 lucky enough to put a hammock between two giant oaks, don鈥檛 worry–a rustic hammock on a wood frame can look as chic as it feels.

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