Looking For A Replacement For An Ailing Ash?

The ash tree starting to show signs of dying, or perhaps has become too old to withstand the natural four seasons? For whatever reason, it can be difficult to find a replacement for an ailing ash tree. We decided to do some research to find some replacements for the ash tree when it starts to fail. We found a few pleasant replacements and hope you consider them!

Good Ash Tree Replacements

Accolade Elm

The Accolade Elm was named the 2012 Urban Tree of the Year by the Society of Municipal Arborists. It’s a tree that is at the height of performance for the Chicago region. The Accolade Elm is used in residential and urban planning and can be spotted all over Chicago. While the Accolade Elm is a hybrid, it is resistant to elm leaf beetle and Dutch elm disease. The tree also maintains the classic vase shape the American elm has made a habit of making popular.

London Planetree

Is it possible for a tree to have character? Well, the London Planetree certainly does. It has a upright pyramidal shape that is uniformed all around. It’s also a very hardy tree being resistant to frost cracking and anthracnose. The tree looks gorgeous in urban landscapes, and the exfoliating bark of this tree gives it an ornamental flair. No matter what the season the London Planetree is vastly interesting, and that even during the cold winter months too!

Sugar Maple

Who says a native sugar maple can’t be pretty? During the fall, the leaves of this wonderful tree turn several different shades of color that are a sight to behold. Sugar maples are excellent trees when it comes to shade, but underperform in the heat in urban areas. They are perfect for parkways and parks though. The brilliant autumn shades when the weather begins to become cooler are certainly a sight to behold.

Bald Cypress

The bald cypress is the perfect tree when it comes to adapting to its environment. It’s a beautiful tree but is also quite a drought tolerant as well. Once the tree has been able to establish itself properly, its leaves become a lovely rusty, orange-brown during the fall season. The feathery foliage looks pleasant in any landscape, and its upright posture makes it perfect for landscapes that don’t have a lot of space.

Autumn Gold Ginkgo

Ginkgo trees are not given an enough credit when it’s due. The male variety of these fine trees don’t produce fruit, and their golden leaves are quite lovely. They get their name “Autumn Gold” due to their leaves becoming a radiant golden-yellow color during the fall. It’s a shade that is beloved everywhere, and maintains the color even as it matures.

Those are the trees just perfect for when an ailing ash tree begins to fail. Each of these trees has their characteristics and unique parts about them that make them perfect for any urban landscape. We hope you enjoy choosing your new tree as much as we did researching them!

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