Plants That Thrive in the Shade

Sometimes you need a specific plant for your garden that is more suited for the style of yard that you have. It may be filled with bright sun most of the time and some gardens only have shade. It may be difficult to find plants that thrive in the shade, so check your local nursery 鈥 Read more

Overhauling A Rock Garden

Rocks are a powerful feature to any garden. Not only do they require less upkeep than other areas, but also they can really highlight and enhance the look and feel of the area. Just like any other design feature, however, you might get bored after a few seasons of the same old look. It is 鈥 Read more

The Many Types of Grass Explained

The varieties of grass are quite abundant, but there are basically two types that you must decide to plant, and they are cool season type grass and warm season type grass. Depending on your location you would choose one or the other, but there is part of the country that can grow grass from either 鈥 Read more

Hedges: Pruning Tips

Hedges add a nice touch to a yard or garden by providing interesting walls of green and privacy from nosy neighbors and random passers-by. There are two types of hedges: formal and informal. Formal hedges are pruned to a definite shape and size several times during a growing season, while informal hedges are often planted 鈥 Read more

Four Tips to Growing Grass in the Shade

One of the most basic lessons we are taught in gardening is that plants, grass, and any other part of nature needs direct exposure to the sun to survive. While that鈥檚 true, what about grass that grows in full shade? If this is an issue you鈥檙e currently having, check out our tips below for different 鈥 Read more

Planting Trees In Winter

If you鈥檙e fortunate enough to have an abundance of land, you probably want it to look aesthetically pleasing year round, while flourishing in the spring and summer months. The obvious answer is the evergreen. Like it鈥檚 name suggests, an evergreen shrub or tree is, well鈥vergreen which combats that feeling of desolation the descends every winter 鈥 Read more

Using Landscaping for Wildfire Protection

We鈥檝e spent this past summer hearing about all kinds of scary wildfires. Now it鈥檚 time to hear about the Home Ignition Zone鈥搘hich has really been around for a while. It was first introduced in the late 鈥90s by a USDA Forest Service scientist named 聽Jack Cohen. He had been conducting research into how radiant heat 鈥 Read more

Gardening With Colorful Conifers

Right now, it鈥檚 the last thing on your mind, but before you know it,聽聽the seasons will progress and grow colder, and many people will put聽their gardening tools away to聽sit sadly inside awaiting the next spring. What they鈥檙e missing is the primetime to plot and plan their landscape, adding colorful conifers that keep the outdoor space 鈥 Read more

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