5 Drought Resistant Flowers

Water can become scarce during the summer. In some areas, a drought can even occur due to the high heat and low humidity. Even if you don’t live in an area that experiences droughts, having drought resistant flowers can help save on water. So here are a couple of gorgeous blooms to help you get through the summer heat!

Irish Eyes

These are commonly known as yellow flowers, but most people call them Black-eyed Susans. Black-eyed Susans are beautiful flowers that have the appearance of daisies with their yellow petals. Their centers are dark, almost black hence their name. The flowers themselves grow up to a little over a foot tall, and two feet wide. They grow in mounds that are low to the ground and spread out. The best times to plant Irish Eyes is usually late in the summer, and have a rich green coloring they maintain throughout the time they’re blooming.


Catmint or “Nepeta” as it’s known as is another flower that can survive the drought. Some variations of this flower are actually catnip. The name comes from the temporary euphoria it gives cats when they sniff it. The flowers come in different shades of color like gray green, purple, blue, pink, and even white. Other variations of this flower species can even bloom in early summer. They can also attract many butterflies and bees.

Gayfeather (Liatris)

These gorgeous, almost puff ball-like feathers are quite unique. They’re actually native to North America, and are actually relatives of the sunflower and lettuce plants. These flowers grow tall with many small, separate blooms. Their petals appear to be almost needle-like in appearance, and the flowers do have dense spikes. One downside to these flowers is that they have absolutely no fragrance. However, they are available year round and very hardy.


These little flower plants are another unusual, but beautiful pieces. These flowers do remarkably well in pots. They do require full sunlight, but their soil has to be able to drain fast. Some people have even dubbed these flowers as “houseleeks.” The petals of these flowers are green, and towards the outer ring consist of red or a darker green color. The only time these flowers even require water is when their soil has become completely dry.


These purple flowers originate for the Mediterranean region. They have even been known to grow in some desert regions. The flowers are very hardy, but in some areas may suffer. They can be placed into pots and brought inside to survive the winter. Some people even harvest the lavender to make scented oil.

These are some of the most beautiful, drought resistant flowers you can grow! Some actually have good uses and can even benefit other flowers. Others are so hardy you barely have to worry about them growing. So, when you’re looking into planning out a flower garden this season. Take some of these flowers into consideration. Less watering is needed, and you can enjoy the flowers as they bloom.

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