10 Best Trees For Your Home or Garden

Call us old-fashioned, but we planted some trees this Arbor Day. Now here’s our shopping list. We had to narrow it down because it isn’t Arbor Day Weekend. We wouldn’t have had the time to plant all these. Still, here are our 10 best trees for your home and garden that will beautify your home, even if the kind you choose isn’t right for ours.

1.  American Hornbeam (Ironwood, Musclewood)

This hardy tree is moderately-sized and its leaves turn red, orange, and yellow during the autumn months. It is resistant to pests and disease and even boasts yellow flowers during the springtime!

2.  Silver Korean Fir

This small evergreen is stunning yet low-maintenance and is noteworthy for its soft, silvery-bottomed needles that curl up towards the stem. It is a slow grower and prefers to be in primarily sunny areas.

3.  Eastern Redbud

The redbud is a gorgeous tree with showy pink flowers that grow in clusters from spring through summer. This tree may, however, have some trouble thriving in drier areas like the west coast.

4.  Himalayan Birch

This tree’s thin, light bark was used in India many centuries ago for paper. Today it makes a beautiful addition to any landscape due to its luminescent white color.

5.  Crabapple

Here’s one way to sneak some fruit into your kids’ diets! These small flowering trees attract friendly insects like bees to your garden and produce edible fruit during the fall months that is especially good for baking.

6.  Red Maple

This fast-growing and extremely hardy specimen grows into a handsome medium-large tree. Displaying scarlet leaves in the fall and red blossoms in the spring, it becomes a great source of shade and beauty all year!

7.  Yellow Poplar (Tulip Tree)

If space is no concern for you, consider the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee! It can grow up to 165 feet in height and is a fast grower in ideal conditions, boasting large yellow flowers in late spring.

8.  Flowering Dogwood

This North American tree is a popular choice due to its small size and beautiful flower clusters. Often with pink or white flowers, these thin-trunked trees also attract animals like deer and rabbits.

9.  Japanese Maple

These lovely maples stand out with their thin, pointed leaves and lovely dome-shaped foliage. They are often used in the art of bonsai and come in different color variations, including deep reds.

10.  Dwarf Alberta Spruce

This attractive conifer grows in a nearly perfect cone shape, which makes a wonderful accent to many gardens and yards. Don’t let the name “Dwarf” fool you—these trees can grow up to 15 feet tall!

And remember: Don’t forget to stay mindful of overhead power lines and underground utilities or pipes, and be sure to leave a generous amount of space between the tree and home when planting. A tree that is planted and cared for appropriately can bring joy and beauty to your home for many generations to come.

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